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Supply Chain Management

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A robust supply chain is the backbone of a successful biopharmaceutical program. Our supply chain management capabilities are built on efficiency, planning, communication, and collaboration, ensuring seamless operations and the delivery of high-quality products to our clients and ultimately to patients worldwide.

Tanvex’s supply chain management capabilities reflect our unwavering commitment to product quality, safety, and compliance. Our emphasis on vendor management, quality control, inventory management, and GMP compliant warehousing ensures a seamless journey from raw materials to finished products.

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Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management program includes: 


  • Vendor Qualification: Thorough assessment and qualification of vendors guarantee that our partners share our dedication to quality and compliance
  • Vendor Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of vendors ensures consistency and adherence to our stringent standards
  • Change Notification System: Our efficient change notification system enables timely updates and assessments of vendor changes
  • Audit Program: Rigorous vendor audits uphold accountability and adherence to quality standards
  • Regular Meetings with Key Vendors: Regular interactions with key vendors foster collaboration and enhance supply chain alignment
  • Quality Event Trending Analysis: In-depth analysis of quality events enables us to identify trends and implement preventive measures
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Inventory Management

Our sophisticated inventory management practices ensure your program’s accuracy, efficiency, and traceability every step of the way:


  • ERP System – Our ERP system provides real-time insights, facilitating precise inventory management
  • Status, Lot & Expiration Tracking: Detailed tracking of status, lot numbers, and expiration dates guarantees product integrity
Image of shelving in Tanvex's GMP warehousing facility

GMP Warehousing

Our GMP-compliant warehouse facilities provide secure and controlled storage conditions tailored to the unique specifications of a variety of biological products:


  • 14,000 sq. ft. of Warehouse Space: Our expansive warehouse capacity allows us to accommodate diverse storage needs on-site
  • Controlled Storage Conditions: We offer controlled storage conditions for various requirements:
    • Ambient
    • 2-8˚C
    • -20˚C
    • -70˚C

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