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Tanvex is piloted by a team with extensive experience in the realm of biologics and biosimilars in mammalian and microbial systems. We seek to leverage this expertise in process development and product characterization for the next generation of therapeutic innovators to bring more advanced therapeutics to market. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration, coupled with our state-of-the-art facility and deep industry know-how, set us apart as a CDMO partner.

Tanvex scientist working with CDMO equipment

Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

At Tanvex, we are deeply committed to establishing gold standard collaborative, transparent customer service. Our expertise and capabilities empower us to guide innovators and biosimilar developers to success faster, better, and more cost-effectively.

Tanvex scientists working with CDMO equipment

Guidance From Experts Who Have Been There

At Tanvex, our experienced team has ushered biologics from IND to BLA, building a foundation of regulatory expertise and client-centric collaboration. Our scientists excel in process and analytical development, delivering transformative value in process optimization and product characterization.

With a wealth of experience and regulatory know-how, Tanvex guides biologics from pre-clinical stages to commercial manufacture. Our understanding of regulatory requirements and our familiarity with FDA inspections and Health Canada Approval Process ensure a seamless path to success.

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