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Delivering a Shared Vision

As the global demand for accessible biologics continues to soar, the need for capacity and capabilities in mammalian and microbial derived therapeutics development and production has never been more critical. At Tanvex, we rise to this challenge.

Who We Are

Tanvex is proud to offer contract development and manufacturing services to the biologics sector.

Pairing our proven track record of successfully advancing biologics from Investigational New Drug (IND) application to Biologics License Application (BLA) with our state-of-the-art facilities and high-throughput workflows, our expert team is poised to serve as your collaborative partner. Together, we can deliver groundbreaking advancements in biopharmaceuticals and make a lasting impact on healthcare worldwide.

Demonstrated Success
in Bringing Biologics from IND to BLA

Photo of Tanvex's GMP CDMO facility in San Diego


Headquartered in a US Biotech Innovation Hub

Piloted by a team of approximately 100 biologics experts, our GMP facility in San Diego, California’s Sorrento Valley offers over 100,000 square feet of mammalian and microbial manufacturing capacity and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art single-use technology. As one of the few full-service CDMO campuses on the West Coast, our facility provides convenient CDMO access to California’s thriving biotech hub.

From this facility, we are able to offer our clients a full suite of services including:

Analytical development icon of a vial and test tube

Analytical development and method qualification/validation

Drug substance icon of syringe and pills

Drug substance process development and optimization

Toxicology icon of flask

Toxicology material production

Mammalian and Microbial manufacuring icon of cellular structure

Mammalian and Microbial GMP manufacturing

Drug testing icon of form and test tube

Formulation development and drug product testing

Quality control icon of document under magnifying glass

Quality control and lot release testing

ICH compliant icon of magnifying glass

ICH compliant stability studies

IND to BLA regulatory support icon of employee under magnifying glass

IND to BLA regulatory support

GMP warehousing icon of a warehouse and packages

GMP warehousing

A laboratory worker using equipment in Tanvex's manufacturing facility for biologics and microbial products

Contract Development

Cutting-Edge Microbial & Mammalian Contract Development

Optimize your biopharmaceutical program with Tanvex’s unparalleled contract development capabilities. Our expertise spans the spectrum, from seamless technology transfers to the precision of cell line development. With a focus on both mammalian and microbial process development, Tanvex empowers your vision with cutting-edge analytical insights and transformative formulation and drug product development, laying a strong foundation for your program’s future success.

A laboratory team member using equipment in Tanvex's GMP facility

Contract Manufacturing

Innovator-Focused Microbial & Mammalian Contract Manufacturing

Elevate your biopharmaceutical program with Tanvex’s state-of-the-art contract manufacturing suite. Specializing in both mammalian and microbial systems, our team delivers solutions embodying excellence at every step. Our commitment to quality control and assurance ensures that your product meets the highest standards of efficacy and safety, while integrated supply chain management systems work to bring your vision from concept to reality.

What Sets Tanvex Apart

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Our Shared Vision

Our team is committed to bringing safer, more accessible biologics to patients in need.

Proven Expertise

We have successfully brought multiple biologics from IND to BLA.


We harness high-throughput workflows to accelerate the development and optimization of biologic development processes.

Transparent Collaboration

Our team operates as a seamless extension of yours throughout every phase of development.

Vast Experience

Our team boasts a collective experience of over 100 years in microbial and mammalian biologics development and manufacturing.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Our 100,000 sq. ft. campus houses Research and Development and GMP manufacturing all under one roof for seamless efficiency.

Find out how Tanvex can bring your biologics from concept to reality.

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Become Part of the Team Revolutionizing Biopharma

Shape the future of biopharmaceuticals with Tanvex. As we forge ahead in our mission to redefine excellence in biopharma manufacturing, we invite you to explore career opportunities that spark innovation and drive transformative change. Whether your expertise lies in research, development, manufacturing, or beyond, your contributions will resonate on a global scale. Join us in our quest to make accessible, effective, and affordable biopharmaceuticals a reality for all.

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